Update: June 30, 2020

Oak Ridge Family,

In the interest of transparency, we wanted to make you aware that someone in our church family has received a positive test result for COVID19. They were last present with the broader church congregation on June 21st. We have maintained our mitigation strategies of wearing face masks, social distancing, limiting physical contact, and sanitation of seating and high contact surfaces between services. We have explained our protocol to the Pinellas County Health Department to ensure that we were able to continue with our in person gatherings. This Sunday will be 14 days since potential exposure. Under the guidance informed from the Health Department and CDC, we intend to continue with offering our various options for service this Sunday. We will allow you to gather in the church building if you feel safe to do so, we will have a modified Drive In service option outdoors, and we will stream our services online at oakridgewc.com as well as on Pastor John Wickstrom’s Facebook page. If you choose to join us inside the building, please continue to practice social distancing, regularly wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and remember to wear a face covering. We continue to sanitize the church prior to each Sunday morning. We want to provide options to best serve and care for our congregation and to allow you to make informed decisions regarding the health and safety of you and your family. We love you and are humbled to serve as your leaders.

Pastors John and Kristia

Please see below for our complete plan and mitigation strategy.

COVID19 Response Update

As you know, our church specifically, and THE church has never been closed. We have only been deployed to BE the church in our neighborhoods during this season. In addition, at Oak Ridge we have sought the Lord one week at a time for His guidance regarding the next steps for how we should gather together. We have been blessed throughout this time with the opportunity to have our Drive In Services, the ability to continue our online services and giving, and more recently offer both outdoor and indoor seating. We have done our best to take precautionary measures to try and protect the church family and community that we, your Co-Lead Pastors love and are honored to serve. Even though we are moving the main service indoors, we will continue (and encourage you all to continue) to be mindful of the safety and comfort levels of each person that gathers.

As your leaders, we are remaining flexible and plan to continue our weekly evaluation and prayer concerning how we gather. Should we need to adjust again, we ask for your continued patience and grace as you shift with us. We thank you in advance! We will be offering the following ways for you to join us in worship - please join us in whichever way you are most comfortable! Please read below for how you can participate.

Here are some things you should know :
  • If you are still feeling like you should stay home out of concern for your health or a loved one’s health…or if you have been ill recently, please continue to watch the service via the live stream on our YouTube channel. If you or a loved one in close contact with you has been ill, please join us online!

  • Please bring your face covering with you - if you forget or do not have one, we will have some available. In compliance with Pinellas County Ordinance No. 20-14 all persons must wear a face covering while indoors. Exceptions are given for certain religious activities such as singing or taking communion and those whose health situation prohibits the wearing of a face covering. Children under age 18 are up to the discretion of that person’s parent/guardian. This means that anyone 18 or older coming into the building must wear a face covering while inside. The face covering may be removed for participation in singing worship, taking communion, while preaching and/or teaching from the stage, or while leading in prayer from the stage. Our desire in compliance with these regulations is to keep love, concern, and compassion for one another and our community a high priority.

  • We have removed every other row in the sanctuary and have distanced rows in the Meet & Greet to create space. We invite families/friends that have been visiting one another to sit together. We will do our best to respect your wishes - however, we still recommend following the CDC guidelines for social distance.

  • We encourage sitting on opposite ends of a row. Before you sit, kindly ask anyone who happens to be sitting in that row if they are comfortable with you sitting in the same row as them. If they say yes, then feel free to sit on the opposite end. If they say no, please be gracious and understanding and relocate to a different row in the sanctuary or Meet & Greet. If someone does not ask if it is okay to sit in the same row as you, please do not be afraid to voice your request that they move to a different row. Together, we can lovingly and respectfully ask for and grant the space that another feels comfortable with.

  • You will be greeted upon entering the main door with a warm hello. Hand Sanitizer and masks will be available upon entry.

  • Please refrain from handshakes, elbow bumps and hugs. Please give all the "air hugs", "air high fives", "air etc." you want!

  • Please DO NOT congregate and socialize in the lobby or in close proximity indoors. Instead, we encourage you to socialize outdoors prior to and after the service ends - please enter and exit the building efficiently.

  • We will not be passing offering plates. There will continue to be an offering plate/basket as you exit out the front door and in the driveway as you leave the grounds.

  • The bathrooms will be available - but please do not congregate in them and minimize use unless absolutely necessary. Do feel free to wash your hands often (20 seconds).

  • For the time being, we will not be serving coffee, tea, or donuts on Sunday mornings.

  • There will be no nursery or Oak Ridge Adventure Kids until further notice. We invite families to sit together in the sanctuary and to check out the online Konnect Kids videos posted during the week.

  • There is a changing table/rocking chair that is available in our nursery if mothers need it, but our nursery will not be staffed or officially open for any other use at this time. Sanitizing wipes will be available for your use before/after you utilize this space.

  • The building will be cleaned each week and all the surfaces will be sanitized.

  • Although we will be cleaning/sanitizing before service, please try and consciously minimize the amount of surfaces that you touch and lean on.

  • Please refrain from parking in front of the church if at all possible if you choose to attend the service indoors as we are reserving space for those who would rather attend our modified Drive In Service at this time, thank you!

  • We welcome you to pull on in to our parking lot and tune your radio to 87.9 FM in order to listen to our service at 10 am! Someone from our staff/church family will be out to safely & warmly greet you with a bulletin for you to follow along with should you desire.


Here are some things you should know:
  • We love celebrating Communion with our church family.

  • We look forward to being able to celebrate again with you very soon.

  • With the recent spike in cases of COVID19 in Florida, and some from our own fellowship, we are praying for the best method and timing for our church to again celebrate this important sacrament.

  • We will update you on our plan as soon as one has been formulated!


Do you have any needs, any prayer requests?
Please feel free to share them with us as we would love the opportunity to serve you!

We are so thankful for God’s faithfulness to us and for His protection and provision for our church during this time. We are thankful for you, our church family, for your faithfulness, support and prayers. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! May God bless you this week, and we will look forward to gathering with you on Sunday!

God Bless You,
Pastors John & Kristia
Address: 11000 110th Ave N. | Largo, FL 33778